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Handicap Accessible Stairlifts Installations

Accessible Stairlifts for The Handicap and Seniors

At Handi-Bath Remodeling, we recognize the importance of easy access to all levels of your home, particularly for those with limited mobility. Our stairlift solutions are designed to provide safe, reliable, and comfortable access between floors, ensuring freedom and independence for users.

Our Custom Stairlifts Can Fit Most Staircases WITHOUT Major Renovations

Each home is unique, and so are your needs. We offer customized stairlift installations tailored to the specific design and structure of your home. Our stairlifts are engineered to fit straight or curved staircases without major renovations or disruptions.

  • Straight Stairlifts

    Perfect for straight-run staircases, these stairlifts offer a straightforward, cost-effective solution to your mobility needs.

  • Curved Stairlifts

    Custom-designed to navigate bends and turns, ensuring a smooth ride regardless of your staircase’s complexity.

  • Outdoor Stairlifts

    Designed to withstand the elements, these stairlifts provide safe access to outdoor spaces like gardens or decks.

Safety Features and Reliability

Safety is paramount in our stairlift designs. We incorporate a range of features to ensure that every ascent and descent is secure and comfortable.

  • Swivel Seats and Safety Belts

    Our stairlifts come equipped with swivel seats for easy boarding and alighting, complemented by safety belts for added security.

  • Obstruction Sensors

    To prevent accidents, our stairlifts are installed with sensors that detect obstructions on the staircase, halting movement until the path is clear.

  • Compact Design

    Our stairlifts are designed to take up minimal space, ensuring that the staircase remains accessible to others.

Ready to Make Your Home More Accessible?

If you're considering a stairlift for your home, contact Handi-Bath Remodeling today. We're here to discuss your needs and explore the best options for your home. Let us help you regain your independence and ensure you can safely enjoy every level of your home.